Ms. Puddings Bakery

Ms. Pudding’s Bakery is filled with flavorful, moist, semi-sweet treats. All made from the heart, full of creativity and designed to make your taste buds jump.

We have now expanded to our own bakery where we can bake and maintain a more frequent selection of your favorite treats!

Made to order, custom desserts, ready in 24 hours!



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"It was so good! My mom and I ate it waiting for our dinner. We tried so hard to wait, but couldn't...I will be sure to order more again soon!"

"This magnificent peach cobbler made with a crispy, crunchy, crusty, delightful resource of sweet joy. Order if for yourself...cause this ones all mine!!!"

"Everything was past amazing and so OMG delicious and the strawberry pudding just topped off my night. The cakes were so moist and delicious, everyone said they were bomb!"

Dj Tri Tip

"Thanks so much for the strawberry banana pudding! I didn't even get a chance to take a picture because it was gone as soon as it was put out!!"

"My fiancé and I at the peach cobbler and he said it is the best he's ever had and insisted I share some with the neighbors."